The Invitation (I) (2015)
A tense thriller that keeps your attention even with a straightforward plot
16 June 2016
Upon seeing the trailer for this movie, I thought I had figured it out for the most part. While not explicit in revealing the plot, the scenes and dialogue snippets used give a lot away. As the credits rolled, I was amazed at how much of the movie I had expected, and amazed at how it retained my attention regardless.

The movie is set at a dinner party, where most of the guests are friends or their +1s. Once everyone is gathered, it quickly becomes clear that there is an ulterior motive to sending out the invitations. I won't say what that motive is, but you can probably guess from the trailer. The main character is the archetypal unreliable narrator. At any given moment, my opinion of if he was delusional or perfectly reasonable was in constant flux. The tension is maintained throughout, both through the camera work and the soundtrack.

The main character continues to cause a scene, and soon the dinner party swells into chaotic action. While much of this is unsurprising, the final scene is what blew me out of the water. Again, I'll say nothing about it, but I was rooted to my seat for countable minutes thinking about what had just occurred. Highly recommended.
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