Review of Asylum

Smallville: Asylum (2004)
Season 3, Episode 9
3x09 - Rewatch (Lex-centric episode)
21 July 2016
Lex is residing in an asylum because Lionel is keeping him there to hide his dirty laundry. Clark is trying to find a way to prove that Lex is perfectly innocent before they fry his brain.

Pete is getting on nerves & what is his point anyways. Also, Mr. & Mrs. Kent are both annoying as well. I cannot wait until their presence becomes nonexistent

Damon Salvatore has arrived with his fine self.

I love seeing Clark try to prove Lex's innocence because he does not deserve it. Meanwhile, the people who Clark placed in the asylum are trying to team up against him by finding his weakness from Van. The minions succeed, which kind of made me happy because it delayed Lex's vegetation process.

Although I feel sorry for Lex, I feel uncomfortable with him knowing Clark's secret. Poor Lex, though...I just want to throw Lionel off a cliff for putting Lex through so much trauma. I hope that Lex gets back at Lionel for having him placed in an asylum... that man is one crazy assx person.

Why are the writers enforcing the friendship between Clark & Lex? It just makes me sad for their future.

Stop this Clark & Lana madness now !!!!
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