The Vampire Diaries: I Went to the Woods (2016)
Season 7, Episode 17
Brotherly Love... so emotional
30 July 2016
We find out that Stefan is in a human's body & he is trying to survive in the wilderness. Then, Stefan's body is inhabited by a serial killer from the 1880s.

Damon ends up finding Stefan before he dies.

For the most part, this episode was boring... nothing really happened. Valerie & Alaric need to let Caroline & Stefan go because the latter clearly are with the former only because they cannot be together.

The highlight of this episode was Damon's & Stefan's emotional talk when Damon is trying yo find Stefan in the blizzard. Their talks get me so emotional because despite Damon being an ass their brotherly bond is one of the reasons this show has gone on for so long.

I needed Bonnie & Enzo to be in this episode because I missed them dearly.

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