A Ireland / UN Story that needed to be told !
9 October 2016
The Irish army is often discounted because of its unusual rules (for example, soldiers volunteer to serve abroad) and small budget. This is a story of one of the many UN actions the Irish army were involved in and perhaps the most dramatic.

The story has echos of 'Zulu' but with a different outcome.

The cast are good looking, but not too good looking to pass as Irish lads.

Irish people mock Tom Cruise for his 'worst accent of all time' but Jamie Doran was persuaded to try a Kerry accent and it didn't work out. I'm not sure many people would have noticed what county the CO was from. Mark Strong managed well as Conor Cruise.

Conor Cruise O'Brien, who was never far from the media for the rest of his life, is no doubt in his grave arguing that he has been misrepresented as the bad guy. I confess I never knew he had been a civil servant with the Dept. of Foreign Affairs or with the UN.

Like most dramas based on a book, much was omitted and I recommend the book and the film.
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