Review of Pure Genius

Pure Genius (2016–2017)
Review of unbelievably fantastic series-- Pure Genius-- and its first 4 episodes.
25 November 2016
Absolutely, without a doubt, have nothing but good things to say about the show airing on CBS, Pure Genius. The characters have excelled in their roles, beginning with Augustus Prew as the main character. His genius character attitude but also fatal awkwardness makes the show very interesting for the entire 60 minutes every time I watch it. This show has grown to be my favorite out of all the shows I watch across all networks, which is probably around 15-20 shows regularly. I have done nothing but introduce this show to everyone I could, and everyone I have introduced it to has had the same feeling as I do towards the show and its cast. I will watch this show religiously every time it airs, and will continue to out speak my feelings for the show. CBS has done extremely well with this one.
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