Pure Genius (2016–2017)
One of the most refreshing new shows of the season
8 December 2016
When StarTrek was launched back in 1966, most citizens of the world had no clue that phones would one day be small enough - as well as being wireless - to fit in the ear. Yet, here we are today.

While those reviewers, with extensive medical training, want to poo poo PURE GENIUS as being unrealistic, I would like to remind them that heart transplants were mere fiction but 50 years ago.

As for the main character, James, it is a well known fact that the more brilliant a person is in one field, they tend to be "childish" in many other facets of social behavior, Albert Einstein comes to mind as an example. For an actor to portray a character with outside the norm social behavior, may present some definite challenges, some which might have included first hand observation of brilliantly challenged individuals. Having first hand observational experience with such individuals, I see mania, unmet expectations, outside the box thinking, challenges of the "norm", longing for a normal life, loneliness, almost crushing despair when those expectations are not met, stubborn determination to reform "traditional" thinking, and finally an almost god-like belief that they can change the circumstances to fit their expectations.

I firmly believe that the writing IS so well crafted, that those who deal with normal everyday, forget that, in order to affect change, normal has to be set aside. The Wright Brothers didn't accept that man COULD not fly.

Set aside the boxed in, run of the mill thinking, and take a trip into the vast, ever expanding realm of turning the improbable into an idea of change, for one hour. Embrace the idea that brilliance often comes with a price, that not all people are limited, blessedly normal. But in their chaos, they see something new and beautiful.
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