Pure Genius (2016–2017)
Uplifting show, great outcomes and likable characters
20 January 2017
The negative reviews here are a bit over the top....those people are more bragging about their infinite medical knowledge than critiquing a TV SHOW. Everyone knows in CSI and Medical shows, one can't actually expect all details to be 100% accurate or each series would be 1,000 hours long.

I like this show! I watch TV for entertainment, to be moved, good writing and characters I can relate to. My sister turned me on to Pure Genius and so far I'm loving it and so bummed it's not being renewed for a 2nd season!

The story lines are so touching, the whole staff isn't boinking each other like Grey's Anatomy and the actors seem to really fit well together. It blends new medicine with technology in a simple manner - it's obvious it's purely entertainment but each show leaves you hoping that maaaaaybe these medical miracles could happen? I like shows that make me say "wow" or "god damn it" at the end, this one does it. :)
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