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Miss Sloane (2016)
Movies staring women are not promoted
25 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is the first big movie about lobbiests I've come across. Jessica Chastain plays a tough part but unfortunately her personality isn't examined in depth during the 2 hours. The film explores the ways men are treated differently from women. For example she hires a male escort and while men would overlook this in a male lobbyist ('cos it would be far from the worst thing they do), for a woman it would end her socially. The escort is the perfect combination of sleazy and possibly entertaining.

I don't imagine the notion that background checks before the purchase of a firearm is a seriously debatable point and so the film doesn't get into some pointless debate. Perhaps the proposed 'Registry of Muslims' is to allow crazy WASP's buy a surface to air missile but prevent sane Muslims from buying a 22.

This movie was under promoted, like most films staring women. If you look at the posters for 'Arrival' you'll see that the female star got the same billing as her male co-stars who have a fraction of the lines.

This was a movie about a strong woman, not unwilling to be disliked by men. Its funny at the start when the NRA man who thinks women are best spending time in the kitchen, is nervous about meeting her. He doesn't know if he should shake hands with a woman in the business world.

Political movies where good triumphs (such as 'The Ides of March') didn't don't get much support despite the great cast and script. Instead tragic films like the new 'King Kong' or the recently lame 'Jurassic Park'offering are the only things in the cinema.

My totally biased opinion is that some stupid men (like the committee Ms Chastain refers to) make choices about movies. They make testosterone fueled choices and go for expensive pointless non- scripts like 'Gods of Egypt' instead of low budget films that have a genuine script.

Obviously - I'm with Her!
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