Review of Pilot

Breaking Bad: Pilot (2008)
Season 1, Episode 1
The Beginning of Excellence
27 January 2017
1)The Good - This is one of those really strong pilot episodes that does a tremendous job of selling itself to viewers.The choice to begin things with a dramatic sequence in the desert worked out well. It gave Walt a memorable introduction and raised intriguing questions. The cooking montage managed to include both characterisation (Jesse goofing around) and the authenticity of good chemistry. I liked the shot of Walt drying his money, giving us the perspective of the back of the dryer as he collected his first ill gotten gains. The sound and camera work was also clever when we saw Walt's disoriented reaction to his cancer diagnosis.

2)Best Moment: I particularly enjoyed the scene where Walt attacks some arrogant boys making fun of Walter Jr as he struggles to try on clothes in a store. That scene seemed to capture the contradiction at the heart of Walt's transformation.

3)The Bad: Nothing really.

4)The Bottom Line: Breaking Bad is a show with huge potential and this was a hugely enjoyable and well executed first episode.
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