Review of APB

APB (2016–2017)
Interesting pilot, I hope they ease up on over-aggressive policing
6 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The pilot was an interesting take on crime solving, sort of an Elon Musk approach, though it seems to skip a lot of logistics. How does this guy have authority to operate drones with cameras for policing and even ones with Tasers? Cops carrying Tasers in lieu of guns though is a very interesting approach. That said, however there were some very aggressive police actions--which a couple of the officers joke about later, hitting a suspect with the patrol car and cuffing them. Slamming the car door on a man's arm. What's with the officers driving like they are in a Fast and Furious film--all the burning rubber, the reckless driving? You can't catch the perp. if you crash before you get there. I would like to see more episodes, but will discontinue watching if this gets to be embracing and encouraging violence BY police. Police officers in many nations can take people into custody without severely injuring them or killing them, I wish that were the case in the US. We don't need t.v. shows making the problem worse.
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