Review of APB

APB (2016–2017)
Exciting first episode
7 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, can't remember the time I was so excited by a first episode of any series. The tech approach contrasts nicely with the run down, underfunded reality of Chicago police. The central aspect of the show, the new police app is a great idea, people are really attached to their phones nowadays and this could be of interest to real police as well. Even without too much extra tech it can be implemented to police work in large urban areas. Although the rest of the gadgets are a bit over the top and hard to implement, they give a cool feeling to policing. Catching bad guys and serving justice is after all the wet dream of a lot of citizens, not to mention a high tech police. Sure the whole show is a bit over the top, but it only adds to the fun and is not unseen from other shows. Although the idea may not be completely original, but it builds nicely from motifs of the real word and other cop and tech related cinema.
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