Review of APB

APB (2016–2017)
Billionaire Solution to Crime
7 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The pilot episode of APB was a gritty, fast-paced, thrill-ride. Based on an actual example of privatized policing, the series has potential for perhaps influencing public policy. I am sure the producers intended no allusion to President Trump, a billionaire who threatened the Chicago mayor with Federal intervention if he didn't do a better job of controlling the murder rate. That would paint President Trump in a favorable light and Hollywood is not going to do him any favors.

In reality the thesis of this show is that crime can be controlled with high-tech solutions. And, for that you need a lot of money, hence the billionaire. According to socialist theory, social disintegration exists because of poverty and unemployment. Misguided liberals even believe this is the cause of ISIS. So money will surely fix the crime problem in Chicago. In this case, however, the money does not fund job training programs or welfare payments, but is applied to equipping the police force. The thesis is somewhat simplistic because no direct correlation can be drawn between police resources and the crime rate. Actually, it is police presence and response that can impact the crime rate. The new reality for police departments is that hate groups have made policing difficult and more dangerous. The police themselves have become targets. I hope APB will confront this issue.

I noted that one reviewer hoped the series would not continue to portray aggressive police action. However, the cop on the street comes face to face with evil people and liberals expect cops to be nice. In some places urban America is a war zone and APB depicted that reality. Aggressive police action is sometimes necessary and an officer may have a split second to make a decision to save his life or the life of someone else. History has shown that in major cities strong community policing can reduce crime.

The episode laid the foundation of relationships and I hope future episode develop those personalities and relationships. Viewers stay with a show, not because of explosions, car chases and gun fights, but because of investing in the characters. It is the stories of the characters that make watching worthwhile. I hope APB fulfills that expectation.
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