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APB (2016–2017)
A great Modern Day B-Action Sci-Fi with an A-List Crew - Unrealistic, but intended to entertain the audience for those who enjoy straight up action
7 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I am going to take an alternate approach to reviewing this show. First off, the 8/10 I gave it is personal opinion. I will start with the positives and negatives from the first episode. Then I will go into further detail. I will attempt to review it as close as I can without giving any spoilers. There are plenty of people who won't enjoy the show, but plenty who will.


There is no mumbling in the show. Plenty of excellent movies/TV have a lot of lines that cause us to have to rewind to make out what is said, even turn on and off the subtitles option and still often not know what is said. The audio quality of the special effects is strong as is, especially for those who like a smooth dubstep/techno track that isn't over-done. I tend to usually not like this genre, but it fits well for the show. As well as the audio special effects being extraordinary, the show is very easy to understand every line spoken. I believe this is most definitely well edited.

The show doesn't take itself too seriously. Its a good show for those who want a feel good entertaining movie. With a good plot despite being far-fetched, it keeps the audience engaged. It is quite violent, but doesn't drag out gore scenes. It keeps a B-Action intensity with A-list acting and directing. There are plenty of intellectual realistic shows/movies these days. Sometimes people who enjoy action just want a fun show to watch at the end of the day. I would suggest being in the right mood for it.

The visual special Effects are top notch. For a fast-paced nature, its easy to follow because of an excellent camera crew and clear-cut a-list acting. The casting crew definitely did an excellent job all around. This helps immerse the audience.

The show does show consequences and makes a few solid points. There are plenty of American Billionares who are gifted at creating technology for the use of war. Why don't they chose to help the problems already existing in USA and work to create a safer USA. This show is clearly a fantasy approach to proposing the idea of having someone actually attempt to do that.


For those who want a realistic police show, this isn't one of them. Some may get a little fed up with this modern-day sci-fi because of it being so over-the-top with violence. Yes, its unrealistic in that form. One of the points debated is the use of taser-guns over pistols. The truth is that this form of policing actually does work. 97.8% of Calgary's police force has never had to draw their weapons, which has proved successful. The show sometimes is unrealistic with cops being overly-violent. Those who want a police show based on reality will be disappointed. Thus, this is a show better watched if you want an entertaining show that is not to be taken too seriously. Just because something is shown on fiction, doesn't mean anyone should actually do it.

Though there are some good one liners, there isn't much of a break for the audience. Its action the entire way through with an entertaining plot, but there is no pauses where the show doesn't feel "not tense". The show has only aired one episode; I would suggest/hope for better comedic relief.


Those who enjoyed The Fast and Furious series, or The Chronicles of Riddick or iBoy or shows like it where it isn't realistic, but thoroughly entertaining will like it. Those expecting it to be bloody won't. Its more action than unnecessary gore. People expecting something like The Walking Dead or Hannibal as far as action goes will be quite disappointed. For me, I actually prefer shows that don't unnecessarily show gore/blood. I enjoy some shows that have it, but would prefer to do without.

Remember that we are watching an action-police show that is displaying good be-action fiction. When something is shown on TV, it isn't trying to tell us that we should go out and do it. The show can be quite therapeutic for those who just want good action. The show doesn't try to be more than a fantasy.

As far as the casting, its awesome to see Justin Kirk in a non-typecast role. The show brings in some lesser known actors/actresses who I would love to see more of. Natalie Martinez plays her role well. I have seen her in other shows, but haven't enjoyed her roles nearly as much as in this show. As far as the actors/actresses brought in who are brand new, the acting is great.

So for an entertaining buddy-cop action show on TV that is straight- forward fantasy action, this is top notch. Its unrealistically violent, but far from gross. Its not really any more violent than the Captain America movies or The Avengers. I'd say its worth a chance. I enjoyed the first episode start to finish.

Again, this review is intended to help you decide if the show is for you. Just don't walk into the show expecting it to be something its not.
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