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APB (2016–2017)
Wrong Casting
21 March 2017
The show has got a chance;

1. You need to switch off your "science fact check", 2. If you don't expect to see a "real life" police work, 3. If you change Murphy with a different actress or change the script.

Seriously Murphy is a bitch! She's always grumpy, bossy and doesn't appreciate any of the tech or Gideon, who is always positive and friendly BTW, ever! I could have accepted all these behavior if she was a well educated genius! But she's ignorant and stupid, probably with a 95 IQ at most. So NO!

I have nothing against the actress Natalie Martinez, even though she's a bit pushy herself. But the character Murphy is a bitch and a down side for the show.

My 2 cents, Mert
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