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APB (2016–2017)
Love it for other reasons
22 March 2017
I love this show, not because its good, has complex story lines and super realistic, cause its not. In fact I find it predictable some times, and cringe at others. But here is why I love this show, its SciFi, not Syfy, SciFi doesn't need to dark and gritty Battle Starish all the time. This show is just fun, similar to Star Trek TOS, and those shows are lost in this day in time.

Realistic or not, I like to see a show try and build a universe around tech that doesn't exist. The best way I can describe this show is Tony Stark Meets House, It has your typical problem of the week, you have your featured A story and B story, and then your over arcing story.

The A story typically has the Main Characters working on it coming up with solutions after having an Idea looking at something simple.

The B story is your side characters who solve a different issue but without the whole super genius ideas.

and the Arc story spans several episodes. They seem a bit timid to actually start any real long arcs, I'm guessing because they don't know how fan reaction would be or if it would be on TV for long.

Either way its good SciFi, and if Fox doesn't want it, I hope Netflix or Amazon look at picking it up.
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