Review of Abyss

Smallville: Abyss (2008)
Season 8, Episode 9
5 June 2017
Chloe starts to lose her memory because of Brainiac. Clark goes to Jor-El for help.

Clark's & Chloe's friendship is amazing. It is great how much they would do for one another.

It irritates me that the show has always shown Jor-El as some sort of villain.Jor- El just wants to make him stronger while Clark wants to act like a brat. It is great to see father & son build some sort of good foundation finally.

How unfortunate for Jimmy that this show has always made him second to Chloe... never first. It is Clark first... even Davis gets preference. Poor Jimmy.

Speaking of Davis, his chemistry with Chloe is out of this world. He admits how he feels to her. It is a pity their relationship could go no further.

I seriously doubt that Chloe will be in dark about Clark's secret for long. I wish though.
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