Smallville: Bulletproof (2009)
Season 8, Episode 12
A Procedural Cop Show Format
5 July 2017

I was getting a Blue Bloods feel from this episode. How in the world did Chloe get Clark to pass as an officer? Then, Clark is mysteriously buddy-buddy with his new partner at a BBQ. This show is really wild sometimes. Haha.

I am so happy Chloe is there to remind Clark that his complicated relationship with Lana hurts most involved. She is the only one that seems to think about Lois's feelings in this situation and gain some brownie points with me.

Clark and Oliver have been on tense terms for a while now and I hope they find a way through it.

Dan Turpin cameo

Lana show Tess what kind of man Lex really is and Tess cuts him off. It is about time because she is smarter than that.

I am no Clana fan, but the chemistry between them was shining brightly in here.

Overall, there is no point to this episode, but that Lana & Tess fight was amazing.
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