Review of Dunkirk

Dunkirk (2017)
A WW2 movie with a new ambiance
25 July 2017
The basic story need not be recounted. The movie trys to capture the reality of the situation, in the same way 'Saving Private Ryan' brought the carnage in Normandy to the screens. It was very different to the old Ealing films.

The silence on the long strand, the desperation of those taking any chance to escape is done well in the 110 minutes allocated.

While I only watch drama's where women earn 50% of the money, I made an exception for this film.

The German air-force don't come out of this well, bombing hospital ships etc.

Perhaps the UK needs this, with the upcoming Brexit drama.

The young actors were exceptional, particularly Barry Keoghan and Jack Lowden. To stand out in this cast was commendable. Harry Styles seems to have a disproportionate number of lines but judging from the cinema, no One Direction fans followed him to buy tickets.

Certainly Winston Churhill wrote the best lines in the movie and possibly, most of them!
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