Student Bodies (1997–1999)
nice and cute
18 August 2017
Cody Miller (Jamie Elman) is a cartoon drawing student at Thomas A. Edison High School. He is enchanted by new girl Emily Roberts (Nicole Lyn) who convinces him to start a school newspaper. The arrogant Victor Kane (Miklos Perlus) and his photographer sidekick Flash Albright (Jessica Goldapple) already have a school paper. Cody and his friends, Chris Sheppard (Ross Hull), fashionista Mags Abernathy (Kate McIninch), ladykiller Romeo Carter (Mark Taylor), and klutzy Grace Vasquez (Victoria Sanchez), have to share the paper with them. After Emily, Cody would date Grace, Holly Benson (Katheryn Winnick), and finally Kim McLoud (Jennifer Finnigan).

This is a Canadian tween show in the style of Saved by the Bell. The kids are eminently nice and cute. The show is bright and quirky. Cody and Emily are a bit bland as the lead couple. Grace is a much better and nicer fit. Her departure does create instability. I thought that Flash would be a good fit for Cody's next girlfriend. They seem to be grooming her for a bigger emotional role. Instead, they added Kim played by the super adorable Finnigan. It's not bad but that's three similar characters as his girlfriends. This lasted three solid seasons which is fair for a high school show.
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