5 September 2017
Quintin, oh Quintin - what have you done!? This is predictable tedious rubbish. It's actually boring!! The pity of it all is that here we have assembled some good acting talent, some good possibilities, and, actually, a talented writer and director. It's all lost though. Lost in the meaningless, predictable posing and tripe. Shame!

As with Inglorious Basterds, this film totally overdoes itself. (Please also see my review of that film here).

We don't, or at least, I don't, want to watch silly macho posing. I don't want to listen to dialogue that, frankly, I could write myself. I don't want to accurately predict the outcome of the film by the end of the first ten minutes. I don't want to sit and have Tarantino waste my time as I watch his silly sense of humour unfold with such monotonous nonsense.... Yawn!

Only two things save this film from a rating much lower than the one I've given it here. 1) The original score by Ennio Morricone is excellent. And, 2) The setting in a frozen Wyoming is good - harsh and beautiful.

But that's all folks!
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