Excellent movie!
14 January 2018
Great movie! I watched the movie today! The quality is pretty good. All adventures are very interesting. I read a book, called Daring & Suffering: A History of the Andrews Railroad Raid by William Pittenger, the soldier who dressed as the southern with James J. Andrews, the Union spy who stole the locomotive "General" in the Great Locomotive Chase. He wrote the book very well, looks more interesting than any novel stories. The movies gives me lots of ideas for the American Civil War that both the north and the south brought justice. All raiders were heroes, especially William A. Fuller, the conductor who commanded the locomotive "Texas" to recapture the General with the Texas' engineer and the fireman, Peter Bracken and Henry Haney. The foreman, Anthony Murphy, was also chasing the General with Fuller. I cannot believe how dramatic this movie is! I really like how Fess Parker played as Andrews, though, he looks nothing like the original Andrews. One thing I like about the movie is that the William Mason from the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad played as the General and the Inyo from the Virginia & Truckee Railroad played as the Texas and the William R. Smith. The Yonah was played by the Lafayette. This movie is very educational for all history class. I would highly recommend this to everyone! If I were a teacher, I would play this movie to the class.
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