My Mad Fat Diary (2013–2015)
Real, heart-warming, and inspiring
4 February 2018
This show is the best show I've ever seen, and I'm not exaggerating when i say that. The way they portray Rae's anxiety and depression is so real. The actors are great in their roles. Archie (Dan Cohen) is a total babe! Sharon Rooney, who acts as Rae Earl, is absolutely phenomenal. Sharon's acting is raw and on point. This show centers on Rae Earl, an overweight teenager who struggles with mental illness. We follow her journey as she faces life's many challenges. Overall, the show conveys a powerful message that changed my perspective on life completely. I, too, struggle with low self-esteem, self-doubt, and coping with my demons. In fact, we all do. This series shows how even when life gets hard, there is still hope. You gotta stand up and keep pushing. Life is always going to have obstacles. That's how you learn and grow.

Also, it shows that having supportive people around you is important. But at the same time, it says that you should not be so dependent on them. Sometimes, you have to depend on yourself and only yourself. That's how you grow, and that's how you love yourself.

Rae is such a relatable character, and thankfully, she's not one of those skinny sexy Barbie blondes you normally see. She represents us chubby girls and how we are often looked down upon in society. This is what makes it even more real. Not everyone is a perfect-bodied, happy-go-lucky kind of girl. There needs to be more shows like this. I've never watched a show as relatable and realistic as this one. Learn from this, current television producers.

I would highly recommend this show to anyone who has struggled with coping with life. It really sheds a light on hope! It made me look at life through a more positive lens, and showed me that, well, sh*t happens! And that's okay. However, it does have triggering aspects such as self-harm, so if you are really sensitive to that stuff I would recommend not watching it.
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