My Mad Fat Diary (2013–2015)
I did not see this coming
10 June 2018
I started watching My mad fat diary two days ago solely because I've been passing by this title's name on every article about Killing Eve - which stars Jodie Comer. It took some time for me to go check it out since it seemed like a teenage show, probably a little bit like "Skins", I thought. And I hate Skins, so I really had no interest in trying MMFD.

But then the pilot showed up in my "related videos" on youtube, probably because of Killing Eve's interviews, and I decided to take a look at younger Jodie's performance. You see, the idea was to watch just a lil' bit to see Jodie and then bail out. Little did I know that I was going to get hooked right away.

This show is actually spectacular. It has a teenage set, that's right, but the themes are not teenage at all. Even though it's mostly a comedy (and a good one!), it gets really dark at times and makes you reflexive as hell. The first season not that much, it's lighter, but the second season came like a wrecking ball. I actually wish I knew a little more beforehand, because I was definitely not prepared for some of it. At the ending of the second season, I actually paused the show to cry, it was just too much. And I'm not the crying-on-movies type.

I don't even know if I'm going to finish it, I'm still digesting. But that just means it's a great show that touched me as not many have. 100% recomend. Be careful, though, if you're struggling with something. It triggered me a little bit.
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