A Great Show
23 July 2018
Obviously if you don't like Abba, there is no point in going to see this.

If you DO like ABBA, they go looking for the hidden jems, the less well known but still perfectly gorgeous songs like 'Why did it have to be me?' and 'Andante Andante'.

There was never any hope of finding a young fella who looked like a singing /dancing Remington Steel or any of the other 'fathers' but there is lots of eye candy.

'Chiquitita' kept echoing through the score and I expected a number but it didn't materalize. We even waited to the end of the credits to see if there was another number but no.

Reality has no place in this and so Cher being Merlys mother, Andy Garcia being her father are strange casting choices.

Bring the hankys if you're a sensitive soul like most of the women at the showing I went to, and there is no harm in going again and again and again (Singing and Dancing at each one)
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