Cabin Fever (2016)
Not just awful, but awfully awful.
28 July 2018
From the moment this film gets underway with a car travelling through the wilderness accompanied by a score either ripped off or tipping its hat to the music from The Shining during its own opening scene, I knew this was not going to be a landmark moment in cinema. Maybe it was because the music sounded like it was being played on a second hand Casio keyboard from the 1980s. This is immediately followed by a nod to Donnie Darko, so I'm guessing it was intentional. Ghastly acting from the cliched group of 'teens' yapping about Minecraft, wifi, and the usual horror trope of no phone signal. They all look nearer 30 than 18. You need to sidestep this like you would a land mine. Not good.
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