Review of Defiant

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Defiant (1994)
Season 3, Episode 9
good buildup, poor ending
10 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This one played out like an M. Night Shyamalan plot arc; great buildup, then disappointing finish. spoilers follow

Despite some fairly unbelievable breaches of security when Tom takes over the defiant, this episode has some exciting movement to it. My favorite parts of the episode were in the Cardassian command center and illuminating the power and structure of the Cardassian governement and Obsidian Order.

The ending was a big letdown. Felt like a cop out and was very abrupt. The showdown between the Obsidian ships and central command war ships was cool, but the Riker change of heart was not well played out and the good bye kiss and kira swoon were weak. I thought that moment took away from Kira's character, especially seeing as how she mentioned earlier in the episode that she was seeing someone.

However, the worst part was how the maquis crew responded like starfleet officers and not like rebel/terrorist members. They just take the reassignment to a bajoran militia major like it is no big deal and resign themselves to the fact that they have been captured and are going to have to face trial. Not saying that they have no honor, but they outnumber the major and are still in possession of one of the most powerful ships in the quadrant. To hand that over and surrender when there is still a chance of escape seems out of character for how the maquis have been portrayed in previous episodes.
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