Review of Hard Times

Hard Times (1977– )
25 February 2019
The best Dickens I've seen, bar none. Better than Copperfield or Bleak House or Nicholas Nickleby or the others I've seen over forty years. It seems, in this four part adaptation, more modern than the others in it's conciseness and lack of coincidences so common in his other works. The whole cast is superb. Timothy West hilarious as the pompous Bounderby (they'll be wantin' turtle soup with venison and a golden spoon) matched for comic relief by Rosale Crutchley as the inscrutable Mrs Sparsit. Patrick Allen is great as Gradgrind and Jacqueline Tong is most moving as the unfortunate Louisa. The whole cast is memorable and Arthur Hopcraft's adaptation could not have been improved upon. On Amazon Prime, it's a must see!
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