Breaking Bad: Pilot (2008)
Season 1, Episode 1
An Intriguing Beginning
2 March 2019
I'm fairly embarrassed to say that I'm watching this critically acclaimed show for the first time. The hype around Breaking Bad is something I've never been able to understand. The premise behind the show has never been that interesting to me. Sure, it's a creative idea, but would it work as a show? Apparently it does according to critics and the general public. But i finally decided to sit down and watch it, and I can definetly say I'm intrigued.

While this definetly wasn't the ground-breaking pilot i was expecting, it was far from bad. It was actually pretty good. The main focus I found to be the Tragedy on this character, Walter White, who just seems to have the most boring but also tragic life ever. I disliked a couple of the scenes involving his character towards the start, mainly the birthday party scene, which involved a pretty annoying and unbearable character wishing Walt a happy birthday in the most condescending way I have ever seen. It was quite sad seeing the life of this character, and what I found great is that all we needed were a few scenes showing Walter's daily routine to see how depressing his life is.

The other character, Jesse Pinkman, I'm assuming is going to be a secondary character, has a lot of room to become an interesting character. I'm hoping we don't get any flashback sequences explaining his backstory and that it's included in clever dialogue and writing.

The reason a lot of Pilots don't seem to impress me often is that they don't really give a scope of the rest of the show, but this episode definetly did. Whilst the character moments with Walter were upsetting, they were a little bit slow and had it been on in the background I probably would have turned it off out of boredom. But past that first section the episode picked up, and I'm very glad it got straight to the action and point of the show instead of spending a few pointless episodes building it up. I'm expecting big things from you Breaking Bad.
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