My Mad Fat Diary (2013–2015)
A really good show
1 June 2019
My mad fat diary is well written and well played, all together, teenage show, one of the best on this topic that I have ever seen. The troubled destiny of a an ordinary yet so special girl, who is fighting to survive every day of her teenage life, and all these characters around her, are marvelously depicted. Of course, there are moments that might look a little bit far-fetched optimistic, and I would say its questionable whether there is more good than bad points in this world, but in the end, I am happy that bright side of people prevails. I would say that two central teenage characters, Rae and her best friend Chloe are excellently played. All praises to the actresses. Rae's mother character, too. The psychiatrist as well. Its also good that show emphasizes the good points of psychiatric help where necessary. Its deeply educational, in a funny way.
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