For me, this movie is the best Kamen Rider movie ever
3 June 2019
The first time when I watch this movie, I didn't follow the series because they said the series is not that good. They said the first half of the series is pretty good, but the rest is really poor. So I am not sure about watching the series and decided to watch this movie instead without knowing too much information about Kamen Rider Kabuto before it. After watching this movie for the first time, I am really amazed and feel that this movie is already represented the whole series, maybe it is because of the alternative storyline that this movie chooses made it also proper as a stand-alone movie. I also feel that I can watch this movie like a thousand times or more and I can not stop it. Everything is perfect for me in this movie.

Good storyline, post-apocalypse setting, the badass main character, awesome action, and cool final form from Kamen Rider Kabuto, everything is complete. This movie still has the spirit of the early Heisei period of Kamen Rider with its dark tone. I strongly recommend you to watch this if you are a Tokusatsu fan. You may a little bit confused if you already watch the series first, but if you haven't trust me you would really enjoy this.
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