How come they used too much CGI when they can shot it in a real-life location?!!
16 June 2019
Garuda Superhero movie is really bad because of its CGI. They used too much CGI even for a simple scene that doesn't need any CGI at all. Actually, they can shoot the conversation scene in a room or a certain place using the real-life setting not using CGI, I think it would be better. For action scene, it is okay using CGI even the CGI is not good, I understand it because of Indonesian CGI technology is not that advanced compared to Hollywood.

When you use the tagline "The first Indonesian superhero action film. The first Indonesian film made using the Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) technique", you don't have to make all the scenes using CGI, that would be a waste of time and money. You can save the money and spent it on researching a real-life location that suitable for the same scene. I am okay with the story, it's a fresh idea for Indonesian movies although the execution is really bad. But, this movie is become worst because of using too much CGI and too much CGI make the audience headache.
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