Newly Rich (2019)
Good, but not that great!
13 July 2019
When the first trailer came out, I think the idea of this movie is really interesting. An ordinary family suddenly become very rich because of something unexpected happen to their life is a fresh idea that you rarely see in Indonesian comedy movies. With that idea, we already can wonder what will people do with their money if they suddenly become very rich. I have high expectations from this movie because it is written by Joko Anwar. Also, Ody C. Harahap in the director seat is interesting as well because last time I am so impressed by his movie Sweet 20. But this movie could not fulfill my expectation, the execution of this movie is rush and weak. There are some scenes that I think would be interesting if it is included in the movie instead of being cut out. The sound volume of the dialogues in this movie is very low in some scenes, the background music sound even louder than the dialogues sound. The conclusion of this movie is also not satisfying and not clear to me.

But this movie not bad at all, the casts are pretty solid. Their characters are relatable in our daily life. You can easily found the people with the same character in this movie around you. The best character in this movie is Cut Mini which has a very interesting character as the real "emak-emak", also we rarely see a good performance from Derby Romero in nowadays movie. Raline Shah's performance is great as well, I think she is not suitable at all as ordinary people because basically she is already that beautiful. Although this movie can be better, we still can enjoy this movie because it is really light and fun.
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