The Invitation (I) (2015)
Contrived plot and way too slow
4 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I normally do not write reviews, but people should be given a fair warning to avoid this stinker.

While I can appreciate what the director has tried to do here, that is make a tense psychological thriller that slowly draws you in, The Invitation falls short in just about every department.

The plot is pretty standard stuff. A couple is invited to a lavish reunion dinner with old friends. The occasion being that the hosts abruptly disappeared and went to Mexico for two years. You know, the kind of stuff people do all the time.

But something does not seem right. The hosts are just too friendly and for unexplained reasons invite mysterious guests that are complete strangers to everyone but them. Hardly your typical reunion, but alright - it's a movie. Suspension of disbelief and all that.

However the plot takes a turn for the worse. How on earth am I supposed to believe that there is no cell coverage in a fancy LA suburb? Are we in the United States or some third world country?

This annoyed me to no end because the story hinges on the very fact that the guests are trapped and can't call for help. Add in that the hosts keep all the doors locked and had iron bars installed on every window and the prize for guessing what happens next is the grand amount of zero.

Still The Invitation manages to become even more ridiculous. For what purpose would anyone want to kill their long time friends? What possible motivation could explain such behaviour? The answer: the hosts joined a suicide cult while in Mexico. Apparently is killing your loved ones the road to salvation when you're struggling with the death of a child and coke addiction.

A movie does not have to be realistic, but what motivates the main characters has to make sense or else they're not believable. That is definetly not the case with The Invitation.

The ending is also pretty weak. For even more unexplained reasons this suicide cult has gotten incredibly popular in said LA suburb where the movie takes place.

Why? Did they all go to Mexico at the same time and decided to buy houses in the exact same neigbourhood to fulfill their newly acquired urge to commit suicide while having dinner? Forget about getting some thinly veiled explanation to this, you'll have to figure it out all by yourself.

This movie is beyond stupid. Stay clear unless you're a glutton for high blood pressure.
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