SuckSeed (2011)
But it was essentially pointless...
6 August 2019
I was given the chance to sit down and watch the 2011 Thai movie "SuckSeed", and of course I jumped at the offer, as I enjoy Asian cinema, and "SuckSeed" was a movie that I had never heard about prior to getting the chance to watch it.

Well, I must admit that "SuckSeed" fell quite short of my usual movie interest and utterly failed to entertain me. I managed to endure about an hour of the movie, then I just had to give up. Why? Well, because I didn't care an ounce about the storyline or the characters, nor were I at any point entertained by what transpired on the screen.

"SuckSeed" is definitely aimed at a younger audience, which I am not a part of. And whatever director Chayanop Boonprakob had on heart with this movie was something that just failed to captivate me.

I can definitely see how the movie would be interesting for a younger audience, no doubt about it. But I was not in that target audience.

It should be said that the movie was nicely produced and filmed, and I am sure that the actors and actresses in the movie were doing good jobs. But I hardly noticed, because the characters didn't matter one bit to me. In fact, all the male characters in the movie just seemed like one and the same to me.

I am rating "SuckSeed" a mere three out of ten stars, and this is not a movie that I have any intention of returning to finish at any given time. The movie was just a massive swing and a miss for my liking.
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