I never cared
14 October 2019
Watching Lord of the Rings I cared about the hobbits and the companions. Here I never cared about the dozen guys in Halloween costumes or the dwarf who looked like a human leading man but lacked the charisma of Aragorn or the hobbit who looked like a human and lacked the charisma of Frodo.

The movie was actually better than I remembered though I did fast forward through some of the worst of the CGI. Bard was almost interesting and the first hour felt like a movie generally. At some point it became a montage of video game cuts scenes until say the last 20 minutes. When compared to Lord of the Rings, it is amazing to think that the same creative team was behind it. I get the sense that much like Lucas, Jackson got lucky once and never will be able to come close to his masterwork.
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