Fargo (2014– )
Reviews for Seasons 1 and 2.
17 October 2019
This show delves right into the universe of the original film and takes advantage of its self-liberating anthology-method of storytelling. These stories taking place in Minnesota are all perfectly wacky, unsettling and non-contrived in its handling of uncontrollable chaos affecting the locals of Fargo.

This is American suburbia told in a way that's a far cry from the atypical stories told in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles: its more neighbourly form of storytelling differs from the swashbuckling metropolitan spectacle you'd get from crime films from Michael Mann, Martin Scorsese or Christopher Nolan, and Fargo is like a crime story written for a small in-land American community affected by the typical murder-mystery scenario found in British TV murder mysteries like Silent Witness or Midsomer Murders (only Fargo does it much better).

Fargo is black-comedy with teeth and just because it's darkly comic doesn't mean it shies away from the drama; if anything, the comedy comes hand in hand WITH the drama, as is the style of some of The Coen Brothers' best films. Considering this series was inspired by the 1996 film that won them the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay in '97, it's nice knowing that this series isn't a ham-fisted shoehorning of the film's mythos, but rather an unrealised expansion of the movie's world.

This show is very good, very dark and very impactful in its exploration of crime and suburban life being greatly affected by out-of-hand chaos determining the fates of a tightly-knit community.

Fargo is a 5/5 star marathon of storytelling.
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