Deep Rising (1998)
Very entertaining and way too underrated B-movie from the 90s
8 November 2019
This is one of those B-movie gems i have fond memories of, even 20years later after its release. It entertains me everytime i by accident notice it running on TV. I like the VFX even so its totaly obvious (but also 20y old), but the point is, in this movie it is so well used to entertain you most of the time while in todays movies VFX is mostly used to avoid spending money for real props. I love this movie, it features a great cast (Famke Janssen, Treat Williams and others), way underrated back than, great acting, perfect pacing and just overall a nice mood appropirate for that movie-genre. If you like action-paced comedic horror, this is definetly a must see !
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