Another very average terminator-sequel despite the promising names attached to it
8 November 2019
I like that we get to see Arnold and Linda back again in a Terminator movie, but thats about it. Considering the budget the movie is just another remix of things we have already seen before. The moment i left the cinema i already forgot about it, while i still have very fond memories of T2 and would watch it again and again at any time. The problem of this movie isnt the aged actors, its really the plot and i wished movies these days wouldnt look so obvious like CG, its either overused to its ridiculousness or stylewise looks too much of a computer-game.

I consider myself a T2(&T1)-fan, if im asked how my perfect sequel would look like, i would say i would love to see the prequel of both first two movies from its future-perspective, so far this has been done only halfassed with Genisys and Salvation.
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