Pestalozzi a man ahead of it time!!!
10 November 2019
To fully understanding of this Swiss Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi is upmost importance to know his history as a man and mainly as pedagogue who established a new approaching to learn their students, of course he was a retrained man, averse with pageantry usually on those period of time, a laconic man, seeing wars ravaging the entire generation of children, relegating them a starvation and obscurantism of their upcoming illiteracy, this picture focused him in just period on Baden when the French Army on a strong and bloody repressed against a farmer's uprising, leaving around thousand orphan children without future, then he asking for take care of them, Gian Maria Volonté has an decent performance of the odd Pestalozzi, who didn't blent to their enemies, your primaries values was untouchable, thus he had political problems in everywhere, valuable picture criminally underrated!!!


First watch: 2019 / How many: 1 / Source: DVD / Rating: 8
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