One of these 5 movies could have been cute
20 November 2019
In two hours you get some sort of hair conditioner 5 in 1: * a stereotype love story * an attempted coming of age story * a dull war movie * a government propaganda movie * an army recruitment movie * traces of something else, hard to describe

The good part is that one knows from the first minutes that propaganda is the main priority. Enter the evil Muslim Woman hiding a big grenade. By the way she hides it, it is the very one received by her great-great-grandmother as a wedding gift and kept in the family in case the Americans invade the Ottoman Empire. She is giving it in public in an area with sniper activity, because she knows she will be violently beaten by her abusive Muslim husband for giving away the family jewels. And we all know domestic abuse is a Muslim thing.

Son of Sam is the Devil incarnate. This guy is troubled by his job.
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