Review of Frozen II

Frozen II (2019)
Still a good movie but a little more sober and adult than the first.
28 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The first was more for the kids with it's wild romantic fairy tale feel to it that just reels in the kids. This film is more sober and adult as it deals with the emotions and the mystery and fears. Some of the kids might not get that. But it is Olaf who is the kids guide into what is happening in the film. Also he provides the comic relief for the kids to laugh WITH (not "at"). The songs are not as good as the first but they can hold their own. Technically this is a much better story than the first. I was expecting that there was something special about Anna and was not disappointed. I had just thought Anna had a power too since all the images and powers surrounding her and on her clothes are of spring time and warmth and growing things are the polar opposite of Elsa. But no, she doesn't have a power. But how the story ends takes full advantage that she is the opposite of Elsa and those two share a special connection. The production is stunning and better than the first. Especially with the use of light and shadow and the production numbers with the songs. Those who are familiar with the history of Disney and what the artists were doing the fight scene in "Bambi" and the pink elephant sequence of "Dumbo" (ALA: very few lines to suggest a figure and your mind fills in the rest) will be delighted to see technique use here in just a few of the scenes as the snowflakes fall and settle. The film is still highly enjoyable but not as a wildly romantic fairy tale as the first was.
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