A Movie About Real Life
15 December 2019
Give this movie some time. At first glance, it could not be more unimpressive or uninteresting looking. It's not glamorous, Hollywood-esque, or even a pretty movie. What it is is relevant. It's real life with real people in real situations. Go into it with an "it's a true story" mentality and put your usual movie-watching expectations aside. In short, it's not an easy movie to watch, especially if you're just looking to be entertained. It's a reminder to consider how you interact with others because you never know what they're going through. It's also a humbling reminder to be grateful. The actors, as unknown as they are, really did an outstanding job! (Better than many "professionals" at being real!) I'm not surprised to see the impressive Dean Cain in this low budget movie because, for the most part, he takes roles based on the message being put out. (Everything on the screen has a message.) Lastly, it's a movie about the real hope that exists even in our deepest pain and difficulties.
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