Christmas on the Coast (2018 TV Movie)
Oh dear...
5 January 2020
I love Christmas movies and I love movies about authors so this should have been an easily enjoyable movie... but it wasn't. The main character, Drucinda, was so unlikable I turned the movie off after 20 minutes. Characters should be flawed, yes, but if you don't have a main character you can cheer for, the movie is an instant failure. Her hairstyle was atrocious and I never notice things like that unless it's pretty bad. The script was careless and lacked attention to detail. For example, the problems with Drucinda's novel series, as pointed out by the critic, are things that would NEVER escape the notice of a publisher and thus, wouldn't have been published. Details like this must be kept realistic and do not fall under the category of suspending disbelief. In short, it was a bad, Hallmark wannabe movie that I passed on. Burgess Jenkins was great, and the reason I didn't rate this movie 1 Star.
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