Review of Mali

Mali (2018)
Young actor Vito Dijak in his acclaimed fathers footsteps
18 January 2020
The acting is superb in this movie, all actors do a great job, especially the youngster in the cast, Vito Dijak, shows that he might become a great actor like his father Franjo Dijak who is also in this movie "playing his previously convicted dad".

In the last two years i have become a little bit more familiar with croatian cinema, i notice that many directors use the same esemble of actors, so does director Antonio Nuic and i notice a lot of the castmembers being used by Nevio Marasovic as well.

Now here is what saddens me the most with croatian cinema in general, they certainly have the actors to pull of outstanding performances. i know that most of the time they have to work with very moodest budgets but the issue seems to be always a mediocre script with some unsatisfying plottwist at the end and this movie suffers from the same issue. too many things are rather explained instead of shown to the audience which makes it hard to be invested, so i assume they had to cut a lot of corners due to a low/no-budget, in case they had a larger budget than this was just lazy story-writing/telling, either way it makes it hard to rate this fairly :-(
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