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The Team (2019)
first featurelenght film by director Marko Sopic ...
22 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
... and i enjoyed it very much. Even though this is a lowbudget movie it is very well made, cinematography and acting is on point. I got a little bit mislead by the movieposter, i pretty much was thinking this is a movie about football with a comedic take and for the first half of the movie thats exactly what we get, but than it turns into a crime movie for the last third of the film.

I can understand why they did it, the funny trash-talking by the characters certainly entertains you for the first half of the movie but just trash-talking isnt enough of a plot to carry a whole movie. So we get a little bit of love-story too, actress Ivana Dudic in the role of the femme fatale does a great job in pretending to be italian, i really enjoyed the acting in the convenience store.

The grand finale turns this movie into a gangster-flick that seemes heavely inspired by tarantino (mexican standoff anyone?) while this definetly ends the film on a high note, i wished they hadnt changed the genre of the movie that drastically for the last third act. Thats the only thing were it was obviouse to me that the director has a long reputation in doing tv-series, while its okay to mix genres from episode to eipsode in a tv series, here it felt a little bit misplaced, i wished they came up with a more creative idea to end this movie, but thats just me nitpicking.

After all, im looking forward to see more featurelength movies by this director, this was definetly a very good start.
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