One of Cinema's Great Revenge Stories!
26 January 2020
Django is an unflinching look at America's past of slavery and the Old West: and Tarantino brings his timelessly inventive style to tackle one of the United States' most sensitive topics in its storied history. This film is a blood-soaked revenge story that packs SO much oomph in its character arcs, its great music and punchy dialogue. It takes slavery and uses that idea as an out-and-out crucifixion of the idea throughout Django Unchained's 2-hour and 45-minute runtime.

This film was an experience to remember at the movies when it came out, and rewatching it is still a powerful if somewhat harrowing experience because of the slavery aspect. Django doesn't pull its punches with the story's brave exploration of the pre-Civil War American South and its very well thought-out direction and closure of the character's arcs are done in ways that some of the best self-contained screenplays of the past managed to pull-off so seamlessly: i.e. Casablanca, Star Wars(1977), Back to the Future, Pulp Fiction (of course), Toy Story and Her (2013). Django's a fantastic film that's not only a pleasure to watch over and over because of its revenge but also a crucial piece of film history thanks to confronting slavery within the context of a good-old-fashioned Western.

For such a heavy movie it's a masterpiece of its craft and what it's standing for: taking on American history and giving the audience unmitigated truth and vengeance in its confrontation of slavery.

Django gets 5/5 stars.
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