Review of 7 Days

7 Days (2018)
Just not for me, too depressive
12 February 2020
To be honest, I watched this movie in the first place is pure because Nittha Jirayungyurn is in it. After I finished her other movie titled "One Day", by chance this movie is in the cinema at that time. I thought this movie was a lighthearted romance movie like any other Thailand romance movie that I usually watch, but I was wrong. This movie is so depressive, the tones of this movie also gloomy. Not a romance movie that I was hoping for, because when I see the trailer it looks like a comedy romance movie. And also my fault that I did not aware that this movie is not coming from GDH 559 film studio which usually produced popular Thailand movies with much lighter tone.

Actually, I don't mind about the tone of this movie, although I have put the wrong expectation. I also curious and want to know how the story goes. But, the story itself is not that interesting. The premise of this movie is interesting, although at first, you will see the theme is almost similar to a South Korean movie titled The Beauty Inside (2015) and a Hollywood movie titled Every Day (2018). If you did not watch the trailer before watching this movie, you will think that this movie is more focused on cooking than romance. The plot is not so smooth, because I feel at the most part of this movie especially the transition between past and present scenes is so sudden. The acting of the male lead actor is also not memorable to me, instead, I am impressed with the other character which is the main character in different bodies. Overall, I am not satisfied with this movie, there is something bothering me in my brain that made me didn't enjoy this movie.
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