Living forever is an endless boredom!!!
22 February 2020
The fine actor Glenn Corbett was the guest star of this odd and fantastic Star Trek episode, Captain Kirk, Spock and McCoy are escorting in Shuttlecraft a famous Federation diplomat Nancy Hedford (Elinor Dunahue), actually she is ill and they have to hurry to get on Enterprise in time, but suddenly appears a strange energetic cloud that forced the Shuttlecraft lands on a small planet, there they meet a lonely survivor Zefram Cochrane, appalled by such oddity they try get a fairish answer by Cochrane, who explain that an entity called just by The Companion, a sort an energetic field that cover up him to communicate thru thinking, saves his life and they were invited by this entity to stay there forever, sounds a dead end, one the best screenplay on the series, seems at first look unavoidable, because the strange being didn't get any human fair emotion, nevertheless the results are unpredictable, the writer Gene L. He made the unattainable becomes in an immaculate solution!!


First watch: 2020 / How many: 1 / Source: DVD / Rating: 7.75
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