Two brothers from a dysfunctional family in clash by a woman!!!
24 February 2020
I'm totally agree with a reviewer above "artzau" wrote about this is hybrid of Cohen Brothers and Tarantino style, fictional and violent offer, two brothers from a dysfunctional family meets at older's (Vincent D'Onofrio) marriage, the younger brother (Reeves) has a quickly affair with the bride (Cameron Diaz) in same day, actually she is forced to marry him, both running away followed by the angry old brother, between comings and goings the bride was killed by the instable and freak D'onofrio, then he puts the girl body in the Reeves's Motel room trying ascribe him as the real killer, Aykroyd plays a rogue cop, fond by the gorgeous Cameron, many twists come over, however the things get out of control, a bit insane, however surround by bloody scenes on Tarantino style on graphic violence, glad to see again the fine actress Tuesday Weld on a movie on a small role, also the great Delroy Lindo as the crook and the beauty Courtney Cox neither, criminally underrrated!!


First watch: 1999 / How many: 2 / Source: Cable-TV / Rating: 7
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