Number 55 (2014)
A bad original instead of a good copy
29 February 2020
Im nearly done giving croatian movies pitty points, its absurd how bad most of these movies are made, even now, it looks like they are just winging it as they go. Nobody cares to studie other movies, how they are constructed, from plot to cinematography, camera placement, movement and lense use.

You can quickly figure out a bad croatian moviemaker the moment he uses the phrase "we aint hollywood", which translates to "we dont bother even trying".

I reached a point where i would rather see a copy of any bandofbrothers episode from 2001, just swap the insignia of the soldiers and put it into a setting in an croatian town and tweak the dialogs. A copy would be better than what croatian directors come up with on there own.

This movie was released in 2014, but even now in 2020 the same director hasnt progressed at all watching his recent "outbursts of creativitiy".

To all the other reviewers who get buthurt and all emotional, if you need to do so much explaining afterwards, THAT's a sure sign your movie is crap. If you -as well as the director- cant put "it" on film than dont even bother trying explaining it with words.
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